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About Us

Integrated Human Performance Coaching is a group of highly skilled professionals unified through our shared mission to eliminate unnecessary suffering by helping parents, coaches, and leaders transform their lives and the lives of their children, teams, and communities.

Ryan Sawyer, Founder & Coach

Even though I had a successful business, led a national champion college football team, had a beautiful wife and kids and a nice home in a nice neighborhood, I felt unsatisfied with my life. I felt disconnected, a lack of meaning, self worth and well being. I felt like I was on an exhausting spinning wheel of doing in order to have a sense of accomplishment, worthiness and completion. It wasn’t working. I realized I wanted more out of life for myself and my family than the endless hustling pursuit of external validation.

And so my journey down a path of growth and self-discovery began. The process of becoming certified in several coaching modalities and consulting with specialists in psychology, nutrition, breathwork, movement, spirituality and world-class mental toughness training helped me transform my own life, and the lives of my family, in ways I never imagined. 

I created The Integrated Performance Coaching Method™ to fulfill our mission of transforming the world one parent and leader at a time by teaching them how to become leaders of their own lives and catalysts for transformation in the lives of the young people they influence.

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